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The goal of a SOFA presentation is to provide engaging financial content to the employees of your company or organization. Attendees of these engaging presentations can be assured the presenters have been taken through a vigorous and extensive SOFA training program with a strong emphasis on providing content-rich information in an entertaining as well as informative manner. Again, the emphasis is on empowering our attendees to gain and/or maintain control of their finances. The reality is most attendees are searching for answers – common sense solutions – to their very own specific financial challenges. It is SOFA’s intent to be there, cutting through the “noise,” to provide these answers and create value for all.

Since SOFA began, this format has provided the opportunity for us, as SOFA members, to be invited back by the host company/organization and build long-lasting relationships. In addition, those same companies have also invited us to do a repeat performance to other employee groups at different locations.

An important element of SOFA presentations is having an experienced professional combining up-to-date information with current financial planning concepts and strategies. This synergy provides the attendee with interesting, real-life situations that often can be understood and embraced in the learning process. Acquiring that knowledge from a licensed


professional, for that attendee, perhaps in their time of need, is SOFA’s winning formula for success.


Our promise to all our attendees is not to tease them with snippets of information, but to provide them an individualized, no-obligation review with us, if they choose. This added commitment often provides the needed follow-through that the attendee desires to optimize their particular financial situation. This in turn takes away any opportunity for your company or organization to be put into the unfortunate position of having to provide specific financial advice.

By providing an ongoing seminar series, the opportunity for an entire slate of different individuals speaking on many different financial topics not only will provide a variety of topics but will create an atmosphere of different personalities speaking to your people. By combining different topics with different speakers, we aim for attendee satisfaction.

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