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“I can’t tell you enough what a pleasure it was having you at our staff meeting this morning! Your topic, “Getting Fiscally Fit”, was informative and well received by those in attendance. Whenever I receive positive feedback from staff and management, long after the presenter has left, I know I have accomplished my goal of providing an educational and entertaining staff meeting. 


Thank you, Jim, for providing us the avenue to educate our staff members on the importance of having a personal financial blueprint. We, in the credit union industry only know too well the financial problems our members encounter. The credit union philosophy is “people helping people” and if we can pass on the information we gained through your presentation to our members, then we have done our job. I am grateful we had the opportunity to “join forces” and I look forward to the possibility of having you speak at future staff meetings.”

~ Pennv Sandifer 

Vice President, Administration
Marine Corps West Federal Credit Union

“I want to express my thanks and appreciation for providing our agents with a lively and beneficial seminar regarding personal finance. Your presentations were well received by all that attended. The younger agents of course will reap the most benefit from your knowledge and expertise. You proved that it is not late for some of us “old dogs” to learn a few new tricks before retirement. Your passion for this subject is clearly evident. You keep things lively and make all your presentations enjoyable and thought-provoking. You connect very well with our agents. Your understanding of our work environment helps give you instant credibility. You have obviously taken the time and interest to learn about us as a workforce. This feeling of trust allows for a more open mind when it comes to developing a “financial plan”.


Your presentations were down-to-earth and in layman terms. Your examples on the various worksheets were easy to follow and understand. The worksheets allow us to refresh our memories when necessary and plugin our own personal information. Your honesty and integrity are the intangibles that obviously differentiate you and Financial Solutions from so many others in this field.” 


~Joseph C. Rayball Jr., Field Operations Supervisor
Chula Vista Border Patrol Station 


“Being in the financial industry for over 25 years, I have yet to come across any program that rivals SOFA. I can honestly say that choosing to become involved with this program has changed the lives of many participating individuals. If I had to single out just one facet of my occupation that brings me the most joy, I would say it is educating others and empowering them to control their financial future.”

~Jerry Guttman, Member
Phoenix, AZ

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