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Our passionate belief in improving people’s financial lives drove us to design and develop a financial wellness program that not only educates and empowers attendees to make better financial decisions, but it also inspires them to take a more active role in preparing for their financial future. For more than a decade, we’ve been collaborating with local, national, and multinational organizations to

  1. Provide complimentary, no-obligation, one-hour (including a Q&A session) financial education seminars. They’re conducted by licensed and experienced Certified Financial Planner™ professionals and can be held at locations and times that fit your scheduling needs. These seminars do not cover any particular products or services and are for educational purposes only.

  2. Align a custom financial education program with the employer’s benefits program.

  3. Conduct seminars on a range of financial topics – from retirement planning and investing to tax, education, and estate planning.

  4. Increase employee plan participation, deferral rates, and productivity due to reduced financial stress.

  5. Provide employees with the reassurance that their employer truly values their financial well-being.


As an organization, you’ve made a significant investment in your employee benefits program. Let our seminars help you maximize your employees’ engagement with, and understanding of, your company’s benefits program and the critical role they play in their overall compensation.

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There are many "perks" to attending a SOFA workshop. Our goal is for attendees to come away not only informed but entertained, as well as inspired to take control of their personal finances. We provide helpful worksheets and handouts for the participants. Your participants in these workshops can gain a greater understanding of their finances and can walk away with needed options of how to fulfill and solve their financial challenges...all while having an enjoyable hour!


Your people can gain three key benefits:


• These seminars can raise the morale of attendees.

• The hosting company/organization favorably positions itself to its group by creating a "value-add" for its workshop attendees.

• By hosting SOFA workshops, with a variety of speakers and topics, your group is able to identify a possible needed resource (topic or speaker) to assist them in solving their own individual financial challenges.

Companies providing nonproprietary information (generic and nonsales) through SOFA workshops fulfill the Department of Labor's ERISA 404(c) requirement!



In contrast to the company/organization format, this second type of workshop is solely designed around individuals or groups, and they are conducted on an exclusive or invitation-only basis. They are often done in a public setting, i.e., libraries, places of worship, union halls, or restaurants. The main difference of this format, unlike the companies and organizations format, is SOFA seldom creates an ongoing series for the attendee. These workshops are usually singular in nature, often one topic delivered by one presenter.


Our goal is for our attendees to experience


• A feeling of confidence and empowerment.

• The opportunity to enjoy an uplifting, fast-paced, and informational hour.

• A licensed professional, an expert in their field, sharing their knowledge and experiences.

• A one-hour, fact-filled, inspiring talk directing the attendees to take charge of their personal financial challenges.

• Lastly, the opportunity to have a no-obligation consultation with the presenter to discuss their personal financial affairs.

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